Failed a test? Or had a fight with a colleague? Or your boss yelled at you? Or one of your family members is not keeping well? Or you never have enough money to afford the bare minimum? Or had a breakup or divorce? Problems are never-ending.  Life will keep happening to you but you must get up and tell yourself,

“It’s not the end!”

It’s not the end because every failure is an opportunity to shine and write your own success story! Sounds familiar? Yes, it is. But you think all these things sound good in theory but difficult to apply? Ok, let’s do this. Let us allow the failure kill our ambitions and our determination. Let it ruin the dream of a happy life. Let’s cry, blame our life, God, friends, and family. Let’s curse our life for not having money, comfort, and a perfect job. Let’s destroy our lives by thinking negative and not taking any action and everything will be fine. Right? You see what we do every day? We live a below average life by allowing our failure overpower the greatness within us. Somebody rightly said,

“It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

Life will give you thousands of reasons every moment to give up. However, if you train your mind right, every hurdle will look like a reason to learn and grow. Always remember

“Pain is not in your control but suffering is!”

So, don’t be scared of the pain and don’t allow the pain to let you suffer.

Thanks, and best regards


About the author

Jitendra Pant is a Research Assistant and Ph.D. Scholar in the Department of Engineering at the University of Georgia, US (Connect here on LinkedIn). He has published 8 papers in highly reputed international peer reviewed journals (Click to see his research on Google Scholars).  He is a motivator and believes in the power of words+ actions (join FB group here Career Counselling and Higher Education). He is a BITS alumnus and Ex-Scientist in Research and Development (R&D) Department at Biocon Research Ltd, Bangalore. His motivational novel “A fool who ate his hunger” is getting released soon worldwide.  He is also an amateur singer  and have been a second runner up in Idea rocks India (click here to watch and subscribe Youtube Channel.




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