6-Life Lessons from the Bollywood movie, the “Secret Superstar”



Secret Superstar, a Bollywood movie about a 14-year-old girl, Insia who dreams to be a singing sensation but is scared to live her dreams because she has a conservative father who thinks that a girl’s life is only meant to serve the husband. Nonetheless, the girl becomes a Youtube Superstar but she has to disguise her identity by wearing a burkha so that her father cannot recognize her.

Here are the 6 life lessons that we can take from the movie, which can enhance our personal and professional life.

See big dreams: A dream is the starting point to any successful journey. It does not matter what age, gender, country or society you belong to. If you have the courage to see dreams you are one step closer to be successful.

Have Faith: Dreams, when combined with faith, give us the energy to keep going despite the initial failure. It gives us the reason to go against all the odds. So have faith and nurture your dreams.

Do not listen to the naysayers: Its unfortunate but very common that, sometimes our own family can make us handicapped by expecting us to play small. Sometimes the people who should support our dreams and passions become the real obstacles to our success journey. Know that if you are morally right you should listen to no one but your heart. But make sure that you do not harm in the process.

The action is the difference between hunger and fantasy: No amount of dreaming, positivity, and faith can make us successful if we do not take small actions every day to reach our goals. The action is the bridge between a dream and the reality.

Love your Family: Never underestimate the importance of your family while reaching your goals. No amount of success can make us happy if we do not have a family to celebrate it with. Remember how Insia love towards her mother became a driving force for her to take chances that turned her into a Bollywood Singer. Do not get confused between point 3 and 5, understand the context 😊

You are a superstar yourself if you have these 6 personality traits.

Thanks and best regards

Jitendra Pant

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