Finished writing my first fiction- “A FOOL WHO ATE HIS HUNGER”

Growing up in a small town called Ramanagar, India, when I saw successful people on TV, I always wished, if I will get a chance, I will prove myself one day. By now, I have learned that one should not wait to be given a chance to be successful but rather write his own success. I also came to the realization: When words have honesty they can touch you deep within. I then decided to use my words as my strength and started to write my fiction novel 1.5 years back.

Just finished writing my first novel- “A fool who ate his hunger”. I need your blessings, support, and love to reach many hearts and be the change I have always dreamt to be. Your love reminds me of my responsibilities. It’s not about the fame- it’s about living in the true sense by impacting many lives around the globe.

Jitendra Pant


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